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Wireless Assessment Service

AlphaCare Wireless Assessment Service identifies weak wireless spot and security concerns in your wireless environment.

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A wireless network assessment determines channel conflicts, electromagnetic interference and congestion from multiple Wi-Fi by testing broadcast frequencies, access point placement and signal strength.

We will walk through your environment with our assessment tools, making passive and active assessment.

We collect the wireless data and create a detailed report that identifies the different risk and describes remediation solutions.

IT management services

We help you to…

Optimize Wi-Fi Network Performance

  • Analyze and optimize Wi-Fi network performance (Determine cause of high channel utilization)
  • Calculate Wi-Fi traffic statistic (Retry rates, average data rate and frame type distribution)
  • Troubleshoot misbehaving Wi-Fi devices (Driver issues, malfunctioning hardware, Wi-Fi compatibility issues, misconfigured setting & identify device limitations)

Keep your Network Safe


  • Assess and capture security threats such as misconfigured Wi-Fi security settings, exposed network or user information, unencrypted traffic and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

The start-up process

is simple from start to finish. Our professional service team will create a statement of work in a couple of hours and on your site within a few working days. 

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