Engage us today to protect your business from ransomware.


1) Upgrade your IT security

2) Lockdown remote access and management

3) Segment your network

[How Sophos can help]

Sophos offers the ultimate IT security solution for defending against the latest ransomware.  Not only do you get the best protection at every point, but also benefit from years of integration between firewall and endpoint. 

With Sophos award-winning XG Firewall, the focus is first & foremost to prevent attacks from getting onto the network.  In the event ransomware does happen to get on your network, you’re doubly covered.  XG Firewall can automatically stop ransomware dead in its tracks thanks to integration with Sophos Intercept X (endpoint protection platform). 

Sophos Synchronized Security merges the endpoint and network protection features into a powerful, deeply integrated cybersecurity system. 

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