Data Infrustructure

Infrastructure Management Solution

With HPE’s Timeless Storage Program, HPE will upgrade you to their latest and greatest platform every 3 years while keeping your storage optimally performing. And you get that at fraction of the cost compared to legacy storage ownership models.

Your support price gets locked at

The start of the program

This program can extend the active lifecycle of your storage platform 

To up to 10 years.

This way you lower your

Business risks

and focus on the right areas to propel your business forward.


How to opt into the Timeless Program

Buy the Timeless Support instead of the regular support

Guaranteed Performance Increases

Get at least a 25% performance increase every time you renew the support

Flat Support Pricing

The Timeless support will have a flat price throughout the program

Save Energy, Go Green

Get free capacity on your new storage array every time you restart a new Timeless Program

Key Highlights

Satisfaction Guarantee

30-day no risk, HPE will ensure optimal operation, HPE will resolve any issues experienced and Customer can return gear within 30 days if still unhappy

Guaranteed Availability

99.9999% Availability Guarantee  and Support credits for storage-related unplanned outage

Store More Guarantee

Guaranteed data reduction & Effective Capacity and HPE will deliver free capacity expansion if needed

Always Current

Technology refresh every three years with minimum perf upgrade +25% and 2 flash media refreshes in 10 years

Extended Support

Extended support for up 10 years and Non-disruptive technology upgrades, the technical & financial onus is 100% on HPE to make these happen

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