Cyber Security

Synchronized Security

Synchronized Security is a complete portfolio of world-class security products that work together, responding automatically to threats and all managed through a single web-based console. It reduces your cyber risk, enhance cross-estate visibility and increase your security ROI.

83% of it managers say malware threats are harder to stop now compares to last year. Because cybercriminal connect multiple techniques into their advanced attacks while most security products still works in isolation.

Sophos products work together as a coordinated system, elevating your protection against threats while also reducing your costs with Synchronized Security.


No software or hardware on site

Everything is on cloud Save on Space, Electricity and Deprecation

Not just spam filtering but also email archiving and email continuity

No time consuming installation and maintenance

No need to worry over hardware failures

Individual users have easy access to the spam quarantined and email archived via web or Microsoft Outlook

No need to worry over software updates

Through sharing and correlating real-time information across products, Synchronized Security delivers unparalleled visibility.

Identify all network traffic

If XG Firewall sees an application that doesn’t match a known signature, Sophos Intercept X for server provide the application name, patch and category

Synchronized Security simplifies cybersecurity management, saving time, cost and effort on a daily basis. Everything is managed through the intuitive Sophos Central platform.

You can see and control your security through a single console.

The common interface all products delivers consistency and usability at all times.

You can access it at any time and from any location while eliminating server overheads as Sophos Central is cloud-based.

Zero-touch incident response slashes exposure to threats while the integrated product portfolio minimizes security gaps.

Enhance insight into network traffic lets you identify and address hidden risk.

Centralized management enables you to focus on priority alerts.

Seeing all your cybersecurity in one place with one source of truth, enables you to see what’s going on in real time.

While the ability to correlate traffic to users and computers extends your insight and enables you to address issues.

Synchronized Security enables you to deliver greater benefit from your security resources.

Automated incident response frees up IT teams while centralized management slashed day-to-day overheads.

How It Works

Intercept X and XG Firewall
  • Automatically isolate infected endpoints on the public and local area networks
  • Identify all apps on the network
  • Link threats to individual users and computers
Intercept X for Server and XG Firewall
  • One-touch isolation of infected servers on the public and local area networks
  • Identify all apps on the network
Sophos Endpoint and Sophos Email Automatically isolate compromised mailboxes, and clean up infected computers sending outbound spam and malware
Sophos Intercept X and Sophos Wireless Automatically restrict internet access for infected endpoints connected to Wi-Fi
Sophos Mobile and Sophos Wireless Automatically restrict Wi-Fi access for non-compliant mobile devices until remediated
SafeGuard Encryption, Intercept X and XG Firewall Automatically revoke encryption keys on infected devices when the health state of endpoint changes
Sophos Email and Sophos Phish Threat One-click enrollment of risky users in targeted users education training programs
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