Cyber Security

NexGen Firewall

Next Generation Firewall is

– An application and user control.
– An integrated intrusion prevention
– Advanced malware detection such as sandboxing
– Leverages threat intelligence feeds


Enterprise Threat Prevention

Industry-leading threat protection that defends against advanced and unknown attacks

Proactive Not Reactive

Prevention-based architectures prepare for the inevitable, rather than react to an attack when it could already be too late

Policy Automation

Create security rules in line with your business policies to reduce administration time and free up your IT teams

Simple Management

Single-pane access lets you view or manage your Next Generation Firewall infrastructure from a single point, making management quicker and easier


Centralized Management

User & Application Control

High Availability

Plug & Play Capability

Deep Packet Inspection

Protect from Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs)

Multi-tenancy Capability

Adaptable Architecture

Strategic Partners


Sophos Firewall enable you to extent your network anywhere, anyhow, easily and affordably with a full portfolio of SD-WAN, cloud and VPB secure solutions that will integrate your distributed network together.

The World's Best Visibility, Protection & Response

Get secure with Sophos XG Firewall

See risks and threats like you've never seen before


Sangfor NGAF is the world’s First AI-enable NFGW (Next Generation Firewall), fully integrated with WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Endpoint Secure.

Next Generation Endpoint Security provides all-round protection from all threats and powered by the malware detection and protection of Neural-X and Engine Zero.

Sangfor NGAF is an easy-to-use converged security solution designed to protect organizations from internal, external, existing and future threats.

In Additional, NGAF databases are proactively updated regularly to keep your network safe from new, unknown and zero-day attacks.


The Industry’s Highest Security Compute Rating Through the Power of Purpose-Build SPUs.

A magic Quadrant Leader

Enterprise Firewalls

High Threat Protection

FortiGate firewalls are purpose-built with security processors to enable the industry’s best threat protection and performance for SSL-encrypted traffic.

By providing granular visibility of applications, users and IOT devices, these appliances are designed to identify quickly and intuitively.

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