Cyber Security

Cloud Anti-Spam

Today well over 90% of all emails worldwide are spam. There are 180 billion unnecessary emails worldwide every day. Companies suffer losses in billions from waste of work time, resources, unnecessary traffic, threats from viruses and Trojans, loss of essential business mails and email infrastructure outages.

In the partnership with Hornet Security, Europe’s premier provider of managed cloud email services, businesses now have a revolutionary solution to the problem.

Using a completely cloud-based model, all your email are routed via Hornet Security data centers spread across Europe.

They are analyzed by a series of sophiscated algorithms that filter viruses and difficult-to-detect spams such as picture spam.

The clean emails are then forwarded to your office.

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Benefits of Managed Cloud Email Services

No software or hardware on site

Everything is on cloud Save on Space, Electricity and Deprecation

Not just spam filtering but also email archiving and email continuity

No time consuming installation and maintenance

No need to worry over hardware failures

Individual users have easy access to the spam quarantined and email archived via web or Microsoft Outlook

No need to worry over software updates

It is continuously updated to ensure the best detection rates

Ability to scale as your company grows

Pay just for what you need today

No IT personnel overhead to maintain



spam detection guaranteed with less than 0.0004% false positives


independent virus filters plus phishing filter


of URLs with potentially
harmful content


protection from D.O.S. (Denial of service) attacks


size limit for emails


content fillter blocking unwanted attachments


interface with access to email log, quarantine, graphical statistics and administrative functions


mail relay


management by Hornet Security with 24/7 monitoring


software, no hardware, no maintenance


calculable costs


in redundant, secure computer centers


Continuity service, Email highly available even in case of breakdown of internal email infrastructure


Archiving according to country regulations

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