Your large enterprise needs a Service Oriented Network Architecture framework that supports the multiple demands placed on your business. Alphamatic provides an integrated & global systems approach to build an intelligent network that can help to transform your business and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Alphamatic carries a large brand

of networking product in term of connections, security, wireless, bandwidth management and also a tools or service for a network assessment of your company.

Every successful company needs their network to be

Secure, faster and reliable.

This can be achieved by having a secure-easy-to-manage environment that help to protect your company.

We help our customers from 

Different industries to design, build & manage their network.


Maximize Network Uptime by using a reliable purpose-built-appliances

Manage network will reduce the troubleshooting time

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Technical Support & IT Admin training will be provided for each of the solutions


Mobility and Wireless LAN

Internet Access Management

WAN Optimization

Internet Security

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