Deployment based on best practices

Data Center (DC) relocation service is a professional project service with systematic approach offered by Alphamatic Systems.

We mitigate risk with a focus on the detailed planning and begin with an assessment to identify existing asset and its connectivity and positioning, as well as  functionality and compatibility; create an inventory of data, applications and IT equipment for migration; develop possible migration approaches; and develop a top level expense estimate and skill and resource requirements.

Most company would have tasked a logistics company or movers to help relocate their office. However, these logistics company are not IT trained, and will not be able to advise or relocate your critical IT equipment in the Data Center (DC) or Server Room safely and smoothly.

There are so many factors to consider when moving from one DC to another, such as:


  • Are internet lines going to be ready?
  • Is there network cabling and how many is sufficient?
  • Is the rack at new DC has sufficient space?
  • Are there sufficient electrical sockets?
  • Do we need to update the DNS?
  • What about the MX records for email server?
  • Do I need to do a power cycle before relocation?
  • How do I dismantle and assemble the hardware if it is too bulky to move?
  • Is there sufficient labeling or tagging?

We can help take the stress away from you as we handle all of the critical IT parts of your office move and minimize any unforeseen relocation related problems. We can even draw up a DC relocation project plan as well.

During any DC or Server Room relocation we ensure that at the end your systems are online, your staff can work and your business can continue to trade.

Below is our standard process flows in the relocation

We provides a single point of contact and manages every aspect of the equipment move. We will manage the physical transfer of your computing and related office equipment to a new location. This involves coordinating all service-delivery activities, such as scheduling of transportation, insurance and management issues, which might arise during equipment relocation.
relocation plan will be written in the form of a Statement of Work. The activities to be performed as part of this service will vary based upon your specific needs. The Statement of Work will be jointly developed with you and, at a minimum, will specifically itemize the relocation activities to be performed under the agreement, the service-delivery dates and the charge for such services, with clearly defined relocation terms and conditions.
We will de-install the equipment at the current site, and the equipment is prepared for the move to the new location using standard packing materials.
We works closely with our business partner carrier that specializes in moving sensitive electronic equipment, which reduces the risk of in-transit equipment damage. We minimizes your financial risk by fully insuring the equipment during the move and by assuming full responsibility for safely relocating the equipment. Before the move, we will work with the customer to establish replacement values for all the products.

We will perform a site survey and inspection of the customer's new location, making recommendations regarding requirements for electrical power conditions, power conversions, air conditioning, room layout, security, equipment delivery path and other key environmental factors.

We will re-affirm the customer, prior to the equipment move, has properly implemented any required actions. Inspection of the destination site is carried out even if the equipment is being delivered to a storage area, so that the equipment can be safely moved and stored for future use.

We perform tasks at the destination site that include supervising the unpacking of the equipment, reinstallation of all computing equipment, and running diagnostic testing to verify the configuration and functionality of the computing environment.