The Best Possible Protection for your Company’s Email

From technical failures to natural disasters and routine maintenance, planned and unplanned email outages are inevitable. And when they happen, the difference between business-as-usual and serious damage to your organization’s productivity, profitability, and reputation can come down to your ability to keep the lines of communication open and retain historical emails for legal discovery and regulatory compliance.

With our Managed Email Security Cloud Services, your business is being well protected against the threats from the Internet. Our solutions guarantee safe and reliable email communication and reliable email archiving in conformance with legal requirements.


  • No software or hardware on-site. Everything is on the cloud. Save on space, electricity and depreciation.
  • Not just spam filtering but also email archiving and email continuity. Something appliance-based solution can’t offer.
  • No time consuming installation and maintenance.
  • No need to worry over hardware failures.
  • Individual users have easy access to the spam quarantined and email archived via web or Microsoft Outlook.
  • No need to worry over software updates. In fact it is continuously updated to ensure the best detection rates.
  • Ability to scale as your company grows. Pay just for what you need today.