Communication is Everything

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel.

NexGen helps the hospitality industry to control costs, improve staff efficiency and create an environment that makes guests want to return. We address the needs of the hospitality industry with tailored solutions specific to brand and hotel type.

From small hotels, to some of the world’s most famous luxury establishments, NexGen is able to provide communications solutions that are:


  • When dealing with guests, little things matter, like greeting your guests by name, managing their privacy and ensuring guest services are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Hospitality staff can streamline the guest experience by enhancing the services delivered in a prompt, courteous and personalized manner
  • In a busy hotel environment over 80% of staff are mobile, delivering service, answering calls and managing back office tasks.
  • We offer intuitive interfaces to reduce training time, mobile working to free staff from fixed locations, applications to manage service requests and business analytics to help you manage operations.
  • NexGen is able to choose secure, reliable voice or a sophisticated multi-media solution extended to your guests own mobile device.
  • Make technology front and centre of guest experience or use technology in the background to deliver service excellence.
  • In addition, Hotels can choose to blend of analog, digital and IP technology to meet hotel requirements.


  • Better guest service experience/retention
  • Staff Efficiency
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Cost Efficiency