Information at Fingertips

Digital signage can help resorts and hotels connect and communicate with their guests by highlighting in-facility amenities and services, along with the availability and schedules of local activities, events and eateries.

The result a more enjoyable stay for the guest with the increased possibility of a return visit or word-of-mouth recommendation.


  • Inform and educates guests with a high-impact displays and content
  • Build brand equity with an emotional connection and lifestyle videos
  • Highlight in-facility restaurants, stores, amenities and specials
  • Create an automated way-finding and information system for meeting venues
  • Reduce printing costs and clutter associated with notices and paper signage
  • Create and schedule playlists that target specific guests
  • Passive, yet highly effective, training system for guest services employees


  • Experienced worldwide developer base
  • Use advanced graphics and animations
  • Integrate with mobile and desktop applications
  • Leverage development and media assets across platforms
  • Create custom widgets and apps
  • Create real-time dynamic content
  • Push content to multiple channels and devices