Deliver Your Guest a Better Staying Experience

In the hospitality industry, service will always be the differentiator.

These days, hotel guests expect some form of technological amenities from a hospitality provider or they simply take their business elsewhere. A bad experience goes beyond just losing one customer and can haunt a provider in the form of negative online reviews and peer-to- peer social sharing (of said negative reviews).


  • Struggle with sluggish systems
  • Outdated or inadequate network design
  • Low in guests’ occupancy due to poor bandwidth

But a few hospitality technology trends are helping to reshape this industry. They are being fed by consumer demand, newer innovations and an ever-changing industry that’s constantly adapting to its target demographic.

At Alphamatic, our solution will be able to address the unique challenges faced by hoteliers, from streamlining the check-in process, to providing multilingual concierge services, to informing guests about services and amenities using interactive signage.

All solutions have been designed to operate independently or as part of a complete multimedia solution. Using this design approach it is possible to start with a very simple solution and then grow it to a comprehensive TV, video and digital signage system as budget and requirements grow.


  • Reliable network
  • Smarter wireless
  • Comprehensive Internet Access Management
  • Intelligent service gateway
  • Distinctive support


  • Zero start-up cost & maintenance
  • Increase occupancy revenue
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Flexible payment method

Contact us today to see how we can improve your property's existing network, or to install a new state-of- the-art system!