Utilizing Power Effectively

UPS Power

Assured datacenter availability is a business-critical imperative. Without robust and scalable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems in place, you simply don’t have a resilient business continuity strategy in place. Knowing how to adopt and operate the optimum UPS systems can be challenging in an environment that is subject to constant change and becoming increasingly virtualized.

From small networks to megawatt installations, Alphamatic is the provider of choice for UPS:

  • Intelligent and efficient network power protection for servers, point-of-sale terminals, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices
  • High Performance battery back-up & protection for business computers
  • Advanced UPS management and safe system shutdown
  • Remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS

Datacenter Cooling

Efficiently removing heat from datacenter and server room environments, and away from individual IT components, is one the biggest challenges facing IT and facilities departments. A challenge made even more complex by the onset of virtualization and the development of high-density computing. Applying an intelligent, efficient and comprehensively ‘right-sized’ approach to the design and implementation of cooling is of paramount importance in order to avoid systems downtime.

Alphamatic are experts in the design and supply of datacenter cooling solutions, from the external plant to the internal units and everything in between – including on-going support and maintenance. We are an Elite Partner for Schneider Electric’s APC datacenter cooling solutions.


  • Eliminate the risks to business downtime, including loss of data and damage to equipment
  • Maximize cost saving
  • Minimize energy waste
  • Underpin business continuity and compliance
  • Scale ICT adoption easily and rapidly
  • Standardize on a modular, industry-leading datacenter infrastructure platform