Additional Services

Data Center (DC) Relocation

We understand that every data center relocation is unique and can tailor an excellent relocation service according to the specific requirements of your company and your circumstances.

it services

Most company would have tasked a logistics company to relocate their office but they are not IT trained and not able to advise your critical IT equipment in the Data Center.

IT management services

Factors to consider when moving from one Data Center to another

Standard process flows in the relocation

Relocation Management

We manage the physical transfer of your computing and related equipment to a new location. This involves coordinating all service delivery activities such as scheduling of transportation, insurance and management issues which might arise during equipment relocation.

Relocation Planning

A relocation plan will be written in the form of Statement of Work. The activities to be performed will vary based upon your specific needs. The statement of Work will clearly define relocation activities terms and conditions such as specifically itemize the relocation activities to be performed under the agreement service delivery dates and changes for such services.

Equipment Preparation and de-installation

We will de-install the equipment at the current site then prepare for the move to the new location using standard packing materials.

Equipment Transportation

We have business partner carrier who is in moving sensitive electronic equipment which reduces the risk of in-transit equipment damage. We help to minimize your financial risk by fully insuring the equipment during the move by assuring safely relocating the equipment. We will also establish replacement values for all the products before the move.

Preparation of Destination Site

We will perform a site survey and inspection for the new location, making recommendation regarding requirements for electrical power conditions, power conversions, air conditioning, room layout, security, equipment delivery path and other key factors. Then re-affirm the customer has properly implemented any required actions prior the move.

Reinstallation at Destination Site

Tasks we perform include supervising the unpacking of the equipment, reinstallation of all hardware and running diagnostic testing to verify the configuration and functionality of the computing environment.

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