Enabling Workforce Globalization

Expand your businesses potential, Wide Area Networking (WAN) provides your company with a competitive edge by enabling workforce globalization and IT consolidation. However, WANs face three basic bottlenecks which lead to low application performance and slow data transmission:

Low bandwidth utilization caused by redundant data on WAN Network latency caused by low efficiency of TCP transmission protocols on WAN Interaction mechanism of application protocols seriously affects the network performance


Help users to accelerate leased line with low costs and guarantee the access speed of core applications to delay the bandwidth upgrade. It does not only realize backup via the Internet for single leased line, but also balance traffic loads based on applications for multiple leased lines.

Protocol chattiness, which cause long response time in high latency WAN, can be reduced via Sangfor WANO. Business application experience can be improved up to 10 times.

The most cost-effective solution for accelerating Satellite Link.

Guarantee sufficient bandwidth for video conference systems and eliminate lags and mosaics of video conference through packet loss optimization technology. Enjoy video conference with smooth experience!


  • Data Optimization
    Reduces 70% of the traffic
  • Application Optimization
    Efficiency improved 3 to 100 times
  • Accelerated VPN
    Reduces your cost by 50%
  • Video Conference Optimization
    Reduces packet loss to 0%