Stay Connected. Everywhere. All the Time

Without question, wireless LAN (WLAN) access is available in nearly every work environment. We simply want and need to stay connected-everywhere. All the time.

Your users need the ability to access the network and associated services from wherever they are-regardless of connection method-wired or wireless. Certified as HP, CISCO and ARUBA specialist in Networking, ALPHAMATIC provides a complete and comprehensive wireless LAN solutions which your organization gains a reliable, flexible, agile and unified network that can help you enjoy the productivity, cost and innovation benefits of a mobile-centric world.


  • Limited Wi-Fi coverage & Weak Wi-Fi Signal
  • Independent Wi-Fi access point management
  • Overlapping Wi-Fi Channel
  • 2 site connections which impossible to lay a LAN cable


  • Central-managed / Controller Base Access Point
  • Dual Radio Access Point with N Channel Wireless
  • Wireless Point-to-Point


Unify your wired and wireless networks with network management software.

Enhance your WLAN connectivity and user experience.

Boost your wireless network reliability and performance and scale as needed.

Secure the entire integrated wired/wireless network, including all “BYOD” personal devices.

Take advantage of comprehensive ALPHACARE services and support, designed to meet your unique needs.