Enhance Your Business with Productive Network

Internet has become a vital platform for most businesses as more and more mission critical applications are being deployed over the Internet & it increasing risk while offering opportunities to business. Safe guarding intellectual property, protecting against malware usages, implementing Internet access compliance, simplifying network management become the key challenges for IT management, and superior enterprise Internet management tools are needed more than ever for the overburdened IT department.


  • Lack Internet access control and management
  • No visibility on users and application activity via Internet Link
  • P2P applications slow down the entire company internet access
  • Unable to control and report Malicious application
  • Confidential information leaking out
  • Internet bandwidth management and optimization issues


Guaranteed, Allow, Restrict & Block certain webpage or application access

Accelerate Internet access

Provide additional data security and protection

IPsec VPN modules

Prioritizing network traffic

Provide various report for management decision making


  • Provide a secure Internet connection
  • Ensure optimal network efficiency
  • Enhance bandwidth utilization
  • Maximize application performance
  • Enable visible and effective control