Managed IT Service


It is an essential investment for any modern hotel. We are able to design, implement, maintain and manage wired and wireless connectivity needed to delivery both guest satisfaction and staff efficiency in hotel industry. 

it services

Ability to provide wireless internet access to thousands of devices

Expandable wired and wireless services

Custom network industry certified professionals

Dedicate and committed on-site support team

Network performance report such as monitor how many devices have connected, how much bandwidth is being utilized.

Dedicate bandwidth option and prioritized traffic and depending on property operator requirement.

Redundant equipment option such as automation or standby unit to remedial any hardware failure.

A leading provider of high-speed internet access to the hospitality industry

Experience in deployment of a vast array of solutions.

Deployment of the latest technology in the most cost-effective manner, maximizing return on investment (ROI) & extending the lifespan of your HSIA investment.

Elegent, standard based solutions.

Extensive experience in reengineering and replacing legacy or outdated HSIA networks.

Extensive knowledge of unique hospitality needs, learned through deploying Wi-Fi and HSIA systems for more than 8 years.


offer flexible services options depending on the level of need,

A complete Managed Network where we will perform a site survey, design install and operate as a new HSIA network.

Provide Technical Support Services that allows for an on-site technician, proactive support and account billing on your existing network.

Provide Guest Support Services to ensure that your guests have their internet needs professionally handled. 

IT management services



Repeat customers more important than new customers

Quality HSIA could to retain current customers that new network access during their travel and this helps to create loyalty among them.

Increase Sales

Organize special promo to attract regular customers. Promotion could help hotel to increase sales from HSIA as well as occupancy thru the promo such as free night for regular customers.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Hazel free with the HSIA features. Customer enjoy the effortless high-speed connectivity to browse the web, work from hotel and enjoy other services which only available to users with high-speed access.

We support both FREE and PAID models

PAID models

allow the hotel to charge the customer additional fee, facilitated through online credit card sales, prepaid cards sold at the front desk or through PMS integration.

FREE models

allow the hotel to offer HSIA as an amenity and create competitive edge from other hotels.

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